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    [Ann] DAS.eval() Library brings eval() to Flex 2

    ann.fso Level 1
      The DAS.eval() (read DAS-eval) Library is a SWC library for Flex 2 applications to execute text strings of dynamic ActionScript expressions and programs.

      The language used in DAS.eval() is DAS — Dynamic ActionScript — a subset of ActionScript 3 (AS3). It supports all the AS3 expressions (including E4X) and most flow control statements; it can access any AS3 classes and functions; it does not define functions and classes. DAS.eval() opens a whole new world to Flex 2 application development.

      The current version is 1.0-Beta, which is fully functional. Check it out at

      Adobe | Exchange | Flex | Libraries

      or visit the web site


      Have lots of fun with Dynamic ActionScripting (DASing)!