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    Student License


      Hi, I would like to have few questions. When I found student license on PS CS6 in some eshop, can I activate it or it is no longer supported? And if I buy student subscriptions on PS, Have I to pay all 12 months or I can pay 2 and cancel subscriptions?

      Thank you and sorry for my English.

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          IE Film Studios Level 1

          As a student who also bought his license from a third party, you can activate it for Ps CS6, but make sure your Adobe Account is set up and you are a registered student. As for CC, I'm not sure about that. I believe you can, but don't take my word for it.

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            Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

            If you wanted just Photoshop CC, I think students pay the same amount as pros and enthusiasts do for the CC Photography Plan ($9.99 USD/month, also payable for the whole year at $119.88 USD).


            On my individual plan (not educational), I also recall having to agree to terms that stated that if I canceled (pshaw, right!) before my initial year was up, I'd have to pay 50% of the remaining sub for the year. (e.g., If I joined for 12 and canceled 6 months in, I'd have to pay for the 3 in that remaining 6.) Things may have changed, though, as I can't find those terms, at least not in the main site where they're selling CC subs.