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    Extensions (Add-ons) shown in Extension manager are not in Photoshop cc 2014

    Ramigrafx Level 1

      I started with Photoshop cc and downloaded several Add-ons which I used, particularly Adobe Watermark. When Photoshop cc 2014 was released we realised that the majority of these Add-ons would not work in this new edition of Photoshop. Consequently I have to also run Photoshop cc as well to allow me to use these Add-ons.

      If I open Adobe Extension Manager, and select under Products I see a list of all the Add-ons that work in Photoshop cc, which is correct. However if I select Photoshop cc 2014 I see a long list ( 16 Add-ons) which have enabled ticked by the side of the name. Only 5 of these actualy show  in Photoshop cc 2014, so something is wrong here.

      I assume that Adobe Watermark is an Adobe product, so when are Adobe going to sort this out, and the problem in Adobe Extension Manager?