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    Can't view videos on iPad when downloaded from Adobe Send

    Pixels_Col Level 1

      Recently started using Adobe Send and upgraded to a full account as I needed to send a video file along with a couple of PDFs.


      When I click on the generated Adobe Send link on a desktop computer or a laptop I can download all of the files (PDF & Video) and view them easily. However, if I click on the link on my iPad, i get taken to the same web page as on my desktop PC and can see the 3 files. The PDF files download fine and open up with the added option of viewing in iBooks.


      However, when i click on the download link for the video I get a blank page with what looks like a PLAY arrow button and the word loading. The video never does load and I left it at that 'loading' screen for 2 hours just in case it was an incredibly slow download.

      Anyone else getting this problem or know how I can fix it?


      The video file is an MP4 encoded as H264 which should be fine.