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    NetStream(ing) FLVs in Flash Player 7

    Arne_Jacobsen Level 1
      Apologies if this has been addressed before (I've read the forums and seen references to this problem but couldn't find any real soultions) anyway here goes -

      Using the NetConnection/NetStream method to play FLVs in Flash Player 7* is proving problematic - I'm getting Audio but no Video.

      The ActionScript Language Reference quotes NetStream's availability as: Action Script 1.0 and Flash Player 7.
      I have tried different combinations of 'publishing settings' (e.g. for Player 7 and Actionscript 1.0 / for Player 7 and ActionScript 2.0 )
      The FLV I'm using is compressed with the Flash 8 Video Encoder using the Flash Player 7, Medium Quality Setting, so should be Flash Player 7 compatible.

      Here is a sample section of code (pretty much lifted straight from the AS Language Reference example page on NetStream).

      my_video = new Video();
      my_nc = new NetConnection();
      my_ns = new NetStream(my_nc);

      *The reason I'm trying to do this with Flash Player 7 is that I have a client who is a little web savvy (it's true what they say, that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing!) and is pretty much insisting I use 7, for reasons of ubiquity, even though practically the entire site is made up of 3D FLVs. (Do you think I'd be better off just saying 'it ain't gonna happen in 7 and that 8 is more than ubiquitous enough at this stage'?).

      Anyway let me know what any of you think about this.