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    Create a mask with an image?


      Hi - I'm new to AE, but have used different video editing software. I'm trying to create a simple effect in a video, which I think can be done with AE, but am struggling to figure it out.


      I am taking clips of different sports highlights, and would like to put a static image of a face on top of the video, replacing the face of the player in the clip.  I have been playing with masks and tracking, but am just not familiar enough to know how to do it.  I have done it in other software by using a chroma effect layering the head frame by frame, but it's a pain and it jumps around too much for my liking.


      This is for a kid's party, so does not need to be perfect....part of the charm is the still face.  I don't need to change perspective of the face at all....


      Can anyone help?  I need relatively simple instructions.....


      Thanks in advance!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I would take the still image of the face into Photoshop and cut it out and resize it so that is about the same size that it will be in your AE project. If you are working in standard HD then maybe size the face to 1/2 the size of the comp or maybe even a little smaller.


          The second part involves tracking the face you want to replace. Simply use AE's tracker and then select the face layer as the target and apply the track. You just need to run a separate track for every face you want to replace. It is important to select a big enough area to track. The tracker box has an attach point, a track area, and a search area. Most folks think the attach point, the little + mark, is the track point. It is not. The inner box is the area you are tracking. The object you track must remain fairly constant and it must be big enough to give you a solid track. If you were tracking a basketball player as they run around the court looking left and right and turning around you would need to try and track the whole head and not just the face.


          I hope this helps. There are lots of tracking tutorials out there. Let us know how you are doing. Type tracking in the After Effects Search Help field at the top right corner of the app and take a look at the first few links.