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    couple of questions

      hi ..

      i have a couple of questions ???

      How do you make two SWFs interact with each other?
      How to make flash content accessible for a blind/dumb user?
      What are compiler directives in Flash?
      Where and why CDATA is used ?
      What is the max length of string can be used in any attribute of an xml node?
      What is the max file size limit for an XML file in Flash?
      How can flash interact with ASP page?(sendandload?)
      How to make a component in Action Script 1.0?

      it would be great if you can link me to the technical documents..in flash dealing to these solutions...

        • 1. couple of questions
          1. Making 2 swfs interact? in which way exactly? passing vars between them? controlling one with the other?
          2. dumb? dont you mean mute? there have been many articles written on making flash accessible, and im sure the help docs for flash and live docs will provide enough info to get you started.
          3. asp. try Send / Get

          all of the questions you have asked can answered in the live docs, try going to "help" in flash or using the search on this site.