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    Troubles importing formatting from xlsx

    Alex Filippov Level 1

      Hi, everyone!

      Having troubles importing xlsx with formatting in InDesign Server. Whole file imported as unformatted table.

      Sample code using for setting preferences:

      var excelPref = application.ExcelImportPreferences;

      excelPref.PreserveGraphics = true;

      excelPref.TableFormatting = idTableFormattingOptions.idExcelFormattedTable;

      excelPref.UseTypographersQuotes = true;

      Then I just use frame.Place() for importing file.

      Saving file as xls resolves the issue, but it's not an option for my project.

      Another thing is that desktop InDesign imports formatting just fine.


      I've looked through documentation and haven't found anything except ExcelImportPreferences. Maybe there's some poperty that I missed or there's another way for importing files?


      Appriciate any help!