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    Lr Mobile 1.2.1 does not recognize .tif files added to iPhone 6 + iOS8 Camera Roll

    Jeff Bellune Level 5

      I use an app called ProCamera 8 to save images taken with my iPhone 6 to uncompressed TIF files or TIF files with LZW compression.  The problem is that Lr Mobile doesn't see any kind of TIF file in my iPhone camera roll at all.  I've tried to:

      • Save the photo taken by PC8 directly to the camera roll
      • Save the photo taken by PC8 to it's own "Lightbox" folder, then export it to the camera roll.
      • Manually import the TIF files that appear in the iPhone's camera roll using Lr Mobile's Add From Camera Roll command. TIF files in the camera roll don't even appear in the list of photos!

      None of the above methods will get a TIF file into a Lr Mobile collection.


      If I repeat the process with JPG files, everything works as expected, and all 3 methods listed above will get the JPG images into LR Mobile.


      I think this is a bug (and a serious one) because TIF files in Lr Desktop that are added to a collection that is synced with Lr Mobile appear Lr Mobile on my iPhone immediately.  So I know that Lr Mobile supports the display and editing of TIF source files.


      Until this is fixed, is there a workaround possible?





      EDIT: The native Photos app in iOS 8 displays all of the TIF files correctly.