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    Unable to retrieve / unlock photos in Lightroom 5


      I am unable to export photos that are some how locked up in what looks like a preview mode.  I am using Lightroom 5.  I tried locating them by clicking on the !  which shows my HD.  Looking in there though, I am unable to find the pics.  It looks like they are watermarked around the frame in numerical order.  Help please?

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          dj_paige Level 9

          It would be helpful if you could show us a screen capture


          If the photos have an exclamation point icon on them, you need to locate them on your hard disk (Lightroom will not do this for you). You might want to have your operating system search all of your hard disks for one of these files by file name.


          Once you find them, you should be able to click on the exclamation point icon and reconnect them in Lightroom.