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    FLVPlayback not playing entire external mp4

    MichaelS Level 1

      I have a Actionscript 2 movie that is loading an external .mp4 video but it's cutting off about 1 sec short of the full video. The Flash movie is set to the same framerate as the external video. The mp4 video is 15fps with 44.1kHz audio. When I play the video in Quicktime Player it plays in its entirety. However, when I playback the movie using the FLVPlayback component it cuts off just short of the end. When I bring the video into Adobe Premiere it's also cut short in the sequence with the same settings -- 15fps, same frame size, same audio sample rate - and I can't drag the clip any longer to see the rest of audio that's missing. Please let me know if there's info that I failed to supply that might help shed some light on this problem. Thanks.