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    Colour change between PDF export and Booklet print


      InDesign CS5 on Windows 7 64bit


      I need to provide a client with both a composite PDF of a manual to use on their website as well as a composite booklet PDF of the same content to go to print (separations handled by their printers).


      The document is strictly two colour: Black and pure Cyan - no other colours involved. The only imports are EPS-format diagrams from CorelDraw that also only use the same two simple colours.


      When I export to PDF, no problem: Blacks are 100% black, cyans are 100% cyan. When I export to booklet, the blacks are still fine but the cyans become C:69%, M:14%. The 100% Cyan colour applied in CorelDraw and that applied within InDesign itself all come out with the same results.


      I have tried changing many of the Output and Colour Management settings in the Print Booklet application but always achieve the same result despite using the same CMYK colour profile as is being used for the straight PDF export.


      There are no complications from PhotoShop image imports or RGB conversions, so I just can't understand what is going wrong here.


      Any thoughts?