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    How to create a Quick Reference Guide with InDesign?


      Hi, I'm new to InDesign and am primarily using it to create Quick Reference Guides for certain websites and application.s

      Are there any tutorials out there specifically for this, or closely related tutorials?

      All I found so far was Quick Reference Guides: Short and Sweet Documentation | I'd Rather Be Writing but it's talking more about theory and not as much on the technical know-how.


      The kind of kinds I'm trying to mimic (aka cheat sheets) should be similar to these: Cheat Sheets & Quick References | CustomGuide



      Thanks for any help, tricks, tutorials and advice you the community can offer me!

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant
          1. Create a master page with the correct margins, rename this Master with a specific name, never use the generic names like Master A as it will cause confusion if you want later use content from one document in the other.
          2. Create a Paragraph style for the basic font style you use.
          3. Create several Paragraph Styles based on the basic font style of step 2 for any kind of text, like headers, lists, captions, etc.
          4. Create Character Styles for any emphasized or strong text.
          5. Create Object styles for any kind of text frames, lines, images, etc.
          6. Create layers in this order: Background, Images, Text, Page Number, Logos.
          7. For drawing use AI or PDF/X-4 files. The Logos and Symbols should be AI or PDF/X-4 too.
          8. For images use PSD if transparency is in or JPGs with high quality when no transparency is in. Use RGB with enough resolution and a valid color profile.