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    How to just make a button play the movie.

      I'm making a flash animation with some simple objects moving. I need the animation to stop at key points so the viewer can read some instructions on what i'm teaching. I have no problem making the animation but after about 3hrs and reading everything i can find on flash I can't make a simple play button work. I'm using flashmx 04 pro. I've been through the tut on there about creating another scene etc. I dont' want to make another scene as my animation looks fine the way it is. I just want it to 1. open and not play at first. 2. when the viewer hits the play 'button' i want the animation to start. 3. i want it to stop at key points 4. i want the viewer to be able to hit the play button again to resume the animation. I did this before with earlier version of flash and It seems like it was simple but with mx I can't for the life of me figure out how to make the stupid buttons work. I obv dont' understand all the tuts on this subject so if someone could give me a no nonsense way to do this it appreciate it greatly. I've been trying to make the buttons work for 3 hrs now with no luck.
      Please help before I break my computer...lol