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    placed items have jagged edges



      I am working on my first project in indesign.  I created some graphics in illustrator, but when I place them into my indesign document the edges are very jagged.  It doesn't look that way in AI when I save it.  I have placed them as an AI file, also saved to PDF and tried that, as well as a png.  all result in jagged edges.  You can't see if very clearly in the image below, but the sailboat and star both have jagged edges. I designed them to be just about the correct size, so i had to do very little as far as scaling.

      I sure hope someone can help me!

      I am using CC, Windows 7.

      Thanks in advance!


      jagged art.JPG

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          Bo LeBeau Level 4

          Under the View menu, Display Performance, make sure High Quality is checked.


          It may be necessary to click on the affected images and then check and change them as above.


          You can also set the Display Performance in the Preferences, but this will go into effect for all newly created documents in the future.