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    New iMac (oct 2014) vs new Mac Pro

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      I know this discussion has happened time and time again, but being that a new iMac came out I thought I would ask the group (and hopefully Todd) this question again.  Todd, I know last January you gave a hint as to where you stood on Clock Speed vs. Cores.  Well, we are approaching that year milestone and I am in desperate need for some new machines at my place.  I know the new update for after effects has just come out, but I dont think(?) this was the speed update you were referring to.  So as of now, we have these new iMacs with a quad-core "turbo boost" speed up to 4.4 Ghz but maxing out the RAM at 32 gb or the Mac pro with 12 cores at 2.7 Ghz and 64 gb.  I don't want to choose one and then a few months later wish I went the other direction.  I've been on PCs now for the last 2 years because Apple was slacking on the update to their professional machines, they are beasts but seem to be slowing down and always wanted to replace them when/if apple decided to update their pro line.  Any suggestions?


      In addition to this, I am looking to update my network storage solution.  I am currently networked through 8 Gig Fibre and wondering if its worth looking into getting a new system with 10 Gig Ethernet.  Is that going to increase my performance, or is it a performance I wouldn't really notice?


      And congratulations on the new job Todd.  Hope you can help.