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    Issues with continually rasterizing feature




      I apologize ahead of time if this is a common problem but I couldn't find a direct answer for exactly what I am dealing with. I have imported layers from an AI file as layers in AE that I am then animating (2D). I then apply transformations to each of these layers(scale, position, etc through time). I then used the paint to reveal image effect on each of these layers. However now when I am exporting and I toggle the continually rasterize button the layer disappears.


      How do I solve this? I need my illustrator files to be high res (not pixelated) and my comp layer is very large so I do not think that is it either. Any help for a newbie?






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          You are applying a paint operation and that forces a rasterization of the content. You cannot simply arbitrarily enable CR and hope for the best. This is simply not how it works. You have to understand the AE rendering pipeline. Any effect, including Paint, will affect this and you have to work around it by pre-composing, doint the reveal inside the pre-comps and not using CR on the AI files, but possibly on the pre-comps.