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    Print Booklet results in very jumbled pages


      I am printing a 28 page booklet using InDesign's print booklet feature. The booklet is a half-letter–vertical when folded, and fits two on a landscape 8.5x11, built with no bleeds. When I preview it in the print booklet preview pane, all is right in the world. The pages impose to their appropriate partner and would fold up correctly. However, when I print it, although the pages fit two-up just right on the page, the imposing is a NIGHTMARE.


      In short, somehow, my pages are neither tracking to their correct page in spreads, nor are they even on the correct side of the spread. The right-facing pages have been imposed on the left side of the page, and vise-versa.


      If this is hard to picture, think about it this way: my page numbers which should fall on the outer edge of the page, now sit just next to the gutter.
      Additionally, my back cover is paired with my title page (a right page), and my cover sits next to the inside front cover, etc. It is an absolute mess and I'm not sure where things are going wrong, because the preview imposes correctly.


      I've tried printing to two different printers and to postscript and all three have issues.


      I've tried saving to idml and re-opening and starting the printing process. Same issues.



      Any help would be great, thank you.