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    Creation Policy

      Hope some night-owls can help with this. I have a TabNavigator with 2 child tabs that each contain some child elements including comboboxes. I need ALL of the elements to be accessible when the TabNavigator is created because there is code that sets the value for all the elements in BOTH tabs so I can't wait for a user to click on the 2nd tab to create it. Sooooo...CreationPolicy = "all" to the rescue right? WRONG. It certainly got rid of the null object reference errors BUT, only the combobox in the SECOND tab gets populated. I use creationComplete for each tab to initialize the combobox in that particular tab. When CreationPolicy is set to AUTO, the first tab's dropdown list works fine, and when I click on the second tab, it is nicely populated as well. However, when creationPolicy is set to "ALL", the first tab's dropdown box is not getting populated. It's like it just skips over it..

      I've spent about 16 hours straight trying to figure this out and I have finally given up. If anyone has any clues at all, please help!