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    Corrupt elements in 2014.1 from 2014

    ALim Level 1

      I have a fairly simple comp that not opening correctly in AE 2014.1. The project was saved in 2014 and I can't go back to that version to open it correctly.

      It's one element that is appearing as 'Recovered' in my bin and it looks like all it might have been is a paint stroke. I say might as I can't remember how i created the line and is also it's the only thing missing compared to the render.

      I've tried collecting the project to no avail. Also any 3rd party plug-ins are listed as missing (as opposed to corrupt) so I don't think it's that. Plus there are none on that specific comp.

      I wonder if anyone has come across something familiar or might have a suggestion. Oh and it's fairly urgent. Thanks