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    Padding Around Consecutive Uses of a Paragraph Style


      Okay, this has been driving me crazy for years and I don't know how to do it, or if it can be done.

      I'm in InDesign, working with paragraph styles. When I'm using one paragraph style in series, I'd like to be able to apply space before or space after to the chunk of text that uses that paragraph style. That's different then the spacing before or after each paragraph.

      Say I have a list of bullets surrounded by body text. Each bullet is a paragraph, so I have a Bullet paragraph style. Because they're bullets, and smaller, maybe, or they have paragraph rules, or something. They don't have the same space before and after as a normal paragraph, and so when the body text starts again after the bullet list, it doesn't have enough padding around the bullets. Is this possible to add into the paragraph style, or does it have to be done manually?

      I tried researching nested styles and from what I can tell, those only apply to sections of a paragraph within a single paragraph.

      Any insight would be wonderful.