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    "Sharing" a Lr Mobile TIF file to the iPhone 6 camera roll converts the TIF to JPG.  Bad, bad, bad Lr Mobile!

    Jeff Bellune Level 5

      I have another discussion concerning Lr Mobile and TIF files that exist in the iPhone 6/iOS 8 camera roll (aka "Recently Added"): Lr Mobile 1.2.1 does not recognize .tif files added to iPhone 6 + iOS8 Camera Roll


      A new issue has surfaced.  When I add a TIF file in Lr Desktop to a collection that is synced with Lr Mobile, the TIF file appears as a TIF file in Lr Mobile.  So far, so good.  But if I then "share" that TIF image using the "Save Image" command in Lr Mobile, the image gets converted to a JPG file before it is added to the iPhone's camera roll.  This despite the fact that the iPhone 6 camera roll can save and display TIF files captured by the iPhone's camera.


      Please fix this problem, as well as the problem concerning display of camera roll TIFs in Lr Mobile that is the subject of my other discussion!