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    Should I be unloading mcs?


      I have an online test in Flash. It is basically working ok, but it is not reliable 100% of the time. The movie has 6 sections, the first 4 use quite a few audio files. I preload all of the audio (external mcs) in the beginning of the movie, while the user is reading an instruction page. I have a preloader to do this. Some problems that are occurring:

      Occasionally, the preloader stops at a percentage and will not load any more. Doesn't seem to happen very often.
      Sometimes, when the user gets to section 5 of 6, for example, there are no images displayed. It has also frozen at the beginning of other sections. Yet it works fine for 90% of the other people. It's almost as if all of the data did not get preloaded correctly.

      I am wondering why there is this inconsistent behavior with the same movie? One thing is I do not 'unload' any of the mc's I preload. As a general rule of thumb, should one be unloading mc's as soon as they are no longer needed in the movie?

      I decided to preload all of the audio files at the beginning because once the test starts, I did not want the user to have to wait to load data. Is this a bad idea? Perhaps I should be loading at the start of each section? Would that make it play more reliably.

      Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
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          MotionMaker Level 1
          Well is certainly could be some code error but assuming code is solid.

          Occasional performance issues could be an indication of your hosting service or the user's internet service or the internet in between.

          It could be an indication of the user's machine performance if they are running other apps.

          You could consider using the Sound class and loading the sounds as streaming external MP3s on an as needed basis.

          Be sure your user has the latest Flash player or at least the one you are targeting.