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    Symbol timelines inconsistent when viewed online


      Hi Everyone,

      I have a 2 minute and 2 MB (with audio track) animation created in Adobe Edge 2014. Within the main timeline, I used a symbol that contains a miniature animation. When the full scene is previewed online, the symbol appears glitchy. In many cases, it skips to the end of the symbol animation without displaying the actual animation and just pops up all at once. In other cases, it may show up a few seconds early. Upon refreshing the browser, the symbol animation runs properly. I found this only happens when viewed online which led me to believe it may have something to do with preloading.

      I'm using the built-in preloader for Edge Animate (preloading sound). In the interests of time, I ended up taking the animation out of the symbol and adding it to the main timeline but I'm still very curious to know what may have caused this. Any assistance or insight would be greatly appreciated.