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      Im not sure if this is a bug or just me not implementing this properly.

      I have 2 objects that is converted into a symbol.

      This symbol lets called it "Head".

      At second 0 in the timeline, its y position is out of the viewport. Then at second 2, its y position is inside the viewport.

      There is no transition in between second 0 and second 2. (I unclicked the auto-transition so that it instantly appears at second 2, instead of a transition).

      Head is also draggable by use of jquery-ui when it appears in second 2.


      Once it hits second 2, I was able to drag it around, but upon initial click and move, the head's position is not directly below the cursor.

      There is a misaligned of some sort.


      I tried another method and instead of changing the y position, I just made its opacity go from 0 to 1. This works perfectly. There is no misalignment in cursor with this option.