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    Control Palette

    Arinke Level 1

      How do I get the auto fitting options to show on my control palette.  When I create a frame to place an image (Ive tried creating a frame and placing the image) the auto fitting icons do not show on my control palette. What I get instead is the open Corner Options dialog.  I would like to auto fit using the icons instead of choosing fitting options under the Object menu to save time.

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          Javed_ali Adobe Employee

          You can govern what should show\not show in the control strip from the Customize Control palette dialog.

          You can open the same by clicking on the Control palette menu right at the last of the control palette (see image)



          From the dialog turn off some that you use less often that occur before Frame Fitting (Object), under the Object check box.




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            Arinke Level 1

            This has been most helpful. Thank you Javed


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