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    Need GREP To Identify Multiple Patterns

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      I am attempting to format text by identifying it with GREP patterns, then applying styles via InDesign's paragraph and character styles. I was able to get half of what I wanted using Nested Styles, but that solution doesn't seem to fit most of the cases in the files with which I am working. Here are the patterns I am trying to identify in a single GREP statement::


      00% OFF

      Over 00% OFF




      One of the above four patterns will always appear at the beginning of the paragraph. I want the GREP statement to identify the text that matches any or all of those patterns, so that I can apply the text styles. I was able get partially there by doing the first two "% OFF" scenarios using nested styles, then trying to do the "$00.00" and "00.00" with a GREP statement. I could never get the grep statement to completely work. Either it would ignore the "$" sign, or the first two digits before the decimal place. And I'm not even sure mixing Nested Styles and GREP is a wise way to go. Can someone assist me in getting a GREP statement that will identify any of these potential combinations. The document I am working on has other patterns that differ from the four above, but if I can get the above four, that will be about 80% off the project, and will minimize a lot of hand editing to get the font treatments correct.


      Thanks in advance for any help you can lend on this.