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    BUG: Flash straightens curves when drawing quickly

    travisbrainerd Level 3

      Curves drawn with the pencil/brush tool are partially straightened, especially when drawing quickly. It's very inhibiting to a team of animators, and has persisted through versions of CC including the most recent


      Repro steps:

      1. Open a new document and select the Pencil tool.

      2. Pencil Mode should be set to Smooth. In properties, set Smoothing to 0.

      3. Draw a line either using a Wacom tablet, Cintiq, mouse or Mac trackpad. Wait to release the stylus/mouse button and look at the representation of your gesture.

      4. Release the stylus - curve changes inaccurately or fully straightens an edge.

      5. Try a variety of curves at varying speeds.

      6. Zoom in to about 800% and repeat the drawing steps to see more problematic drawing representations.


      Results: Drawing with the pencil tool is erratic and does not represent input, especially quickly drawn curves.

      Expected results: The pencil tool in Flash CC should perform accurately as it did in versions CS5.5/CS6.


      Note: also occurs with smoothing set to 20-100. Ink mode modifies the line but does so by smoothing it out universally. Ink mode is meant to add no modification to the user's freehand lines but it appears to be smoothing it out even more.


      Tested with multiple Macs, OS, Cintiqs/Intuos tablets and up-to-date drivers


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