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    Moved files to external hard drive, can't find my edits in lightroom

    s martens

      I'm using Lightroom 4 on a Mac.
      I recently moved all my pictures onto an external hard drive, and nothing I've read yet has been able to help relocate my edited pictures in Lightroom.


      In lightroom, beside the Folder heading I have clicked the + and added my external drive - it shows it's green and live.

      All the pictures I originally had saved on my Mac hard drive are now showing on the external drive - good.


      In lightroom, the subfolders in my Mac hard drive are now showing with question marks that the files are missing - which they are, because they're now on my external drive.


      What my problem is, all the editing I had done on these photos in lightroom before is now gone. How do I get the editing work I had done on these pictures to show up on the external drive pictures? If I look at my pictures on the Mac hard drive, they show they're faded and missing, but it shows all my edits still on the pictures. On the external drive, it shows the original version of the pictures with no editing done.


      Note: I backed up my computer before I moved all my pictures, so if I need to put them back on my mac's hard drive I am able to do that.