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    Unable to open files from within Photoshop

    Colorola Level 1

      Hi, I've updated to CC 2014.2.1 and I'm continuing to get this message when I attempt to open a file from within Photoshop (it started when I installed a beta versionYosemite, so I switched back to Mavericks, but it didn't help, [so many updates with Cloud, I lose track..]).  I noticed someone else with a similar problem, but from 2013. Anyway, I get this message: 'Could not complete your request because of a program error.'  I restart Photoshop, then I can open a few files, but then the errors start over.


      Also, I'm not really familiar with the 'forum' means of support, but if anyone knows a solution to this beyond 'google it', which I've done, I'd appreciate it.