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    Automatic color adjustment on different monitors ?

    R. Giskard

      Hi there,


      I have a new setup with three monitors, and I see a strange behavior when I move lightroom from one monitor to the other : there seems to be an automatic color adjustment made in the photos. On my center monitor they are warmer, and switch to a colder color on my other monitor. I have attached screen shots at the bottom.


      Here is a detailed explanation of what I do :

      - I have Lightroom opened on my center monitor. My photos have a kind of warm color cast (my screen is not very well calibrated). Lets call this color "Color A"

      - I start to drag the Lightroom window on my other monitor.

      - When I drag the window on my right (or left) monitor, I still see color A in my lightroom photos even if my window is now on my right monitor.

      - Only when I drop the Lightroom window does the color of the images switch to the colder color cast B.


      I don't see how this could be related to the monitors because the color doesn't change when the window cross from one monitor to the other, but only when I drop it (release the mouse button).


      Here is my setup :

      - Left and right monitors : Samsung XL2370 (DVI)

      - Center monitor : AOC Q2770 (Display Port)


      All these are plugged in 2 Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 Vapor-X (Crossfire).


      When I had only tow monitors (both using a DVI connection), I noticed no color change when I switched monitors... Could this be because of the DisplayPort connection ? Why is it only noticeable in Lightroom (and only in the photo part, the color of the application (buttons and such) doesn't change... Is there somewhere an option for an automatic color correction depending on the monitor into which Lightroom is visible ?


      I have tried to search on forums and support sites, but honestly, I don't really know what to search for ! Any help would be really appreciated.


      The screen shots :


      On my center monitor, and on my right monitor when I drag the window (and still hold the mouse button) :



      On my right monitor, when I drop the window (release the mouse button) :





      R. Giskard

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          Nathan_C Level 1

          Hello R_Giskard, did you find a solution?

          I have the same problem and I did a lot of research to solve it with no success.

          I recently bought a Dell U2713HM Monitor and plugged it on my  Dell Studio XPS M1640 (Mid 2010) laptop, which runs on Windows 7 64 bits. This laptop has a RGBled screen.

          I calibrated both screens (laptop and external) using a Spyder 3 elite device.

          Strangely, when I look at photo open in Adobe Lightroom 5 or Photoshop CS6 and I move it between the two screens, it appears way more saturated on the U2713HM Monitor. For example, the skin tone  on a person is overly orange.

          What is striking, is that when I move the LightRoom window from a screen to another, the color saturation only changes when I drop the window, i.e. if I move if from the laptop screen (where colors are paler) to the U2713HM Monitor, the colors remain pale on the external monitor until I let go of the mouse.

          It's as if a different color profile was applied to the picture as soon as it "lands" on the other screen.

          The change occurs similarly one way or another.

          best regards,


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            Nathan_C Level 1

            I found the beginning of an answer here: Re: Colors don't match on two calibrated monitors in Lightroom


            It has to do with color profiles (in Windows). If you remove all profiles, there is no more difference between screens but you lose the calibration. Still searching for the final answer.