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    Asfunction- Hypertext Link

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      I'm trying to use the Asfuction to create a hypertext link in a dynamic text field that will navigate to another frame label . I tried to use the following and it doesn't work-

      Beat_Poets.htmlText = "<a href=\"asfunction:gotoAndPlay("Howl");

      Does anyone have a solution?
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          > Beat_Poets.htmlText = "<a href=\"asfunction:gotoAndPlay("Howl");
          > \">Howl</
          > a><br>";
          > }

          The asfunction protocol doesn't accept function calls and parameters the
          way those are normally used. With asfunction, you name the function first,
          then optionally provide a single string that contains your parameters.


          The command separates the two. In this case, you only need the one
          parameter. If your function accepts many parameters, you must include in
          that function -- custom coding, here -- a way to separate the parameters
          from one another.

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