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    Problems with actions "...not available


      Hi Guys,


      I recently purchased some actions and strangely sometimes when using the action I get error messages like "Layer Backgrund Color is not currently available" or "Warning: No Pixels were selected" etc. Those errors do not always occur in the same way but definatly I don't get the designated result once the action is finished. Strangely those actions should work in PSD CC, as far as author says and other buyers commented.


      I checked for Panel Options "Use Default Mask on Fill Layers" and Adjustments -> Add mask by default as those possibilities were suggested on other websites as a problemsolver. Nothing changed so far.


      Am I missing something? This "... is not available" shows up on several complex actions with many layers (20+).


      Maybe you guys not what causes this problem and how to solve it.


      Many thanks!