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    screensharing and communication features of Adobe Connect


      I am exploring the use of Adobe Connect for training purposes. The trainings are focused on training people (of max 10 participants per training) in the use of software tools (both web and mobile devices). After reading through the product features I have the following questions:



      I see that the Adobe Connect tool supports screensharing. I was wondering whether that includes the possibility for the trainer to go in to participants' screens to see how/what they are doing (which buttons they are clicking, etc). I am assuming that it is possible to show anything via screensharing? (e.g. can we go online and show stuff there?)


      Communication/chat feature

      Does the tool offer a communication possibility? Is it possible for participants to talk out loud during an online training? Or is that (only) possible via a chat functionality?

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Yes, you can share anything on a Windows or Mac screen. Any one can share their screen, though the Host of the meeting would have to either promote the Participant(s) to Presenter or Host roles or use the Request Screen Share function to give them the rights to share thier screen as a Participant.


          Participants can use the VoIP fucntion of Connect, but again must be given permissions to do so.


          I don't know of any good tutorials that cover these functions with the current verision of Connect. If you are working with a reseller, you may want to reach out to them and have them walk you through the process of achieving your needs. If you are not currently working with a reseller, I'd be happy to set up a time to demo the functionality and how it can best be achieved for you. I can be reached at jorma[at]realeyesconnect.com if you would like to discuss further off-forum.