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    Copy a content from Indesign , but it shows "Garbled" on Pages.


      (Sorry, I'm not from English-Speaking country. So,It maybe has some grammar error in this article.) 


      First, whatch this picture.   It explain my problem in a easy way.


      I do my assignment on Indesign,but my teacher want the file extension be ".doc".


      So I copy the content from Indesign and paste it to Pages.


      But it show up "Garbled" that are mix with weird Chinese and Korean... (paste to other web or application will show you in bottom side)


      Here is my computer information


      Macbook pro 13" 2013 late   (256GB SSD)

      System: OSX 10.10 Yosemite    


      Here is my application information


      Indesign CC 2014.1 (

      Pages 5.5 (2109)


      I do a test , and the answer is down here.


      it seems like only copy from Indesign and paste to office application can cause this problem.

      But in Photoshop, copy text to other application are not happen this...

      it is weird.


      Did somebody happen this before??   if yes, how to fixed this??

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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          Not sure of the issues, but it sounds as if your teacher wants your document as an MSWord file. (You don't use Photoshop for text-heavy documents.)


          If you have created your document in InDesign, using a roman alphabet, you can click in the text box and export it as a RTF file.

          [File > Export > select  Rich Text Format from the drop-down menu]

          You can then use this in any word processor.


          Mind you I may have misunderstood your question and, in any case, there may be better ways of doing what you want, but it moves the conversation forward!

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            AngelOwO Level 1

            Sorry, but I export it to RTF ,it still show "Garbled"...


            But I try to  export  to “純文字” ,and select "Unicode UTF 16"                         (I'm don't know how to call this in English,  “純”=pure,only   ,“文字”=word,text...etc)


            It work...