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    ASUS P9X79-E WS System For Portable Live Streaming

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      I am re-purposing this editing system that I have into e a portable live streaming kit to use with Livestream Studio. I will also edit with it, but for live streaming, do I really need to have the same specs as for editing? How is Livestream able to pack their HD51 turnkey into such a small footprint in what looks like  U2 or U3 box? Livestream Studio™ | HD51  And they use a single Red spinning drive. That's a $50 GPU in there - GeForce GT 520 and only 16 GB RAM.


      Surely, I can downsize, but how much can I downsize and not compromise my editing capability? Those four WD drives are heavy. And as for the physical size of the system, which parts must I change to squeeze into a 4U or 3U box? Would there be more physical space in a rackable Home Theater case? The CPU cooler can be low profile, but what if I overclock the CPU? It will end up in a rolling SKB case, so maybe the weight is not too much of an issue. But size is important. It will also sit on my editing desk as an editor until I can build an X99 system later when I win the Megabucks.

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          Why is it so hard to get a reply to this good and valid question? I've been asking it in different ways for weeks. Isn't anyone familiar with portable equipment here?

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            Possibly you are not getting any responses, because your query is not a "good or valid question" (even though you think that it is). You have a CEB form factor motherboard, 4x 4TB drives, and you want to shove it into a small portable case. Sounds to me kinda like, "I have a Hummer and I want to modify it so I can park in compact car spaces".


            There are some really awesome mini and micro ATX builds out there. Maybe you should repurpose your CPU, RAM, etc. and go with a much smaller motherboard. Asus's Rampage IV Gene board is a micro ATX and would take your x79 CPU, but it only has 4 RAM slots (4x8GB = 32GB). Google micro ATX builds and check out micro ATX compatible cases at Newegg; you will find lots of good options that should fit in an airline wheeled carry-on.





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              The 4 Disk RAID is part of the system as it is now used for editing and sitting in a fairly large case. My question is ' how do I move this same. System into a smaller case?  Which components will I most likely need to substitute for smaller, yet compatible parts? Motherboard is the main part of the system. I want to keep that.


              I Was just hoping for some insight from anyone experienced with what I am doing. Of course there are obvious things like losing the drives. It's sort of a challenge. How small of a case can I shove this same system into?


              i Already got my answers somewhere else - on a gaming site. Those kids are always reconfiguring to attend LAN parties.

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                Martin Douglas Level 2

                I would thought it would all easily fit in a 4u case like the EYE4800 except for maybe the Cpu cooler.

                Put it in a rolling rack and your good to go.



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                  Actually, I just received my 4U case in the mail today and I'm afraid it won't do for me. The darn thing is huge! The 4U server chassis looks a lot smaller and thinner online than up close. The Livestream HD51 unit I'm trying to emulate is actually a 2U case. I'm going to have to learn the particulars about it because I got a low profile Noctua heat sink, but not short enough to fit in a 2U. Maybe a 3U. I don't imagine a CPU cooler to be that low profile. It would have to be about 3" tall max. Probably a stock cooler and I won't be able to overclock.

                  Anyway, I have to go do some more shopping