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    Data Truncate document.importXML()




      after opening an InDesign Template, and importing  XML, the new content has less data than the original one.



      The content that is truncated is a texFrame with 2 columns.


      The original template has some tags to match the xml :

      dates and airports. If the dates are too long, the match still works, but then some data is truncate, and there is no overflow red signal.



      var advertDoc;
      var location = "path to template";
      var xmlLocation = "path to xml file";
      try {
          var templateFile = File(location);
          var xmlTemplate =  File(xmlLocation);
           if(templateFile.exists && xmlTemplate.exists) {
              advertDoc = app.open(templateFile);
             // here I can see all the data  
              //set import xml options
              var xmlImportPreferences = advertDoc.xmlImportPreferences;
              xmlImportPreferences.importStyle = XMLImportStyles.mergeImport;
              xmlImportPreferences.createLinkToXML = false;
              xmlImportPreferences.allowTransform = false;
              xmlImportPreferences.repeatTextElements = false;
              xmlImportPreferences.ignoreUnmatchedIncoming = true;
              xmlImportPreferences.ignoreWhitespace = true;
              xmlImportPreferences.importCALSTables = true;
              xmlImportPreferences.importTextIntoTables = false;
              xmlImportPreferences.importToSelected = false;
              xmlImportPreferences.removeUnmatchedExisting = true;
              xmlImportPreferences.repeatTextElements = true;
              // some data missing
      } catch (err) {





      Also when I use the duplicate function for a Group some data get lost


       var module = moduleDoc.layers.itemByName("Modules").groups[0];
       var duplicatedModule = module.duplicate(templateDoc.layers.itemByName("Modules"));  


      moduleDoc and templateDoc are well formed, and have all the necessary elements.


      So my question are:



      1) Is there any restriction on importXML and duplicate functions for the amount of data?

      2) Why I can not see any error signal?



      Thanks in advanced.