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    My computer will not authorize correctly for color nook


      After recent computer issues, I no longer had my color nook authorized for digital editions 3.0--- I have been to Barnes and Noble to get assist- have deleted nook/digital editions off computer- reset noon to original factory settings- noon, Barnes and Noble and adobe account have all the same email address.  I have removed and reapplied editions 3.0 and even tried 4.0-  on screen for either edition it shows my noon and adobe authorizations for computer with matching email addressed-  However when I go to public library and attempt to return a book via noonk/3.0 digital adobe I get error message that my computer is not authorized and can not return book.  Again I have all matching emails.  ANY SUGGESTIONS-- I am not happy with Adobe helpline- they did not give me any answers and sent me here to forum-  Hopefully someone some wheres can give me timely assistance.  Thanks in advance@