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    When does space key break a slide

      I'm using Captivate to record an editing session for programming training. I'm recording keystrokes but not full motion so that it normally should only take a full image (camera shutter sound) and break that slide when I reach the end of a line and hit the Enter key. It also breaks the slide when I hit the Tab key, and I can live with that. BUT, and here is the problem, sometimes it breaks the slide when I hit the space bar, and sometimes it doesn't. It's inconsistent. It's weid - it seems if I go to another window, like a DOS window that is within the capture, type a few spaces and backspaces, it flips out of the mode where spaces are significant. I return to the editor window and magically spaces are no longer triggering and end of slide. I would love to (a) know how to reliably and control whether spaces are "significant" and (b) ideally be able to specify exactly which keys should trigger an "end of slide".
      As any programmer woudl appreciate, there are lots of spaces in program source code and so it is a pain to have a single line split across numerous slides, especially when I later want to add a voice over explaining a full line. Yes, I can split the voice across multiple slides but it is messy. Furthermore, one can end up with zillions of slides quite quickly and that presents enormous performance problems.