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    Presentation format - looping, auto advance, etc

      Any and all guidance would be SUPER appreciated, and you would be helping me help the 3rd world train to fight HIV! The big advantage to the "Slides" format is that we can more quickly lay in international language voiceover, but I HAVE to get these bugs worked out first... I have this training demo: http://www.invmed.info/pub/flash/ - I'm very happy with it but I need a couple very important elements in place.

      I've searched the forums, found nothing on LiveDocs, spent half an hour in the book store looking for ANY solid information on slide behavior. Was the Slides feature just never fleshed out? I had these tricks worked out on a standard timeline, but I can't get it working on Slides...

      1. Whenever a slide comes up, I need its animation to play. It's flawless by default the first time, but if a student backs up, they have to push replay (which is why I made the button). This is especially bad if they restart the demo from the end - every slide is stuck on the last frame. Is there an obvious setting I'm overlooking? It's got to be based on the slides function somewhere right?

      2. Speaking of the replay-slide button, if I wanted that to be part of the "master slide," what would the script be? Right now I'm using:
      on (release) {
      //Movieclip GotoAndPlay Behavior
      //End Behavior
      ...but it doesn't work when placed on the master slide (which is a drag, I thought that was the point of a master right?).

      3. Finally, how do you make the slides progress at their own pace (for tradeshows etc)? I thought I had found a usable answer to this but I think I was too stupid to code it correctly (I'm dyslexic so extensive code & I don't play well together).

      Thank you!