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    InDesign 2014.1 looses Layer Comp settings for linked PSD/AI after refreshing link

    martin konrad

      This seems to be a bug in the recent release:


      I have linked many Photoshop files with layer comps. After placing the file, I go to 'Object Layer Options' and select a specific layer comp as well as 'Use Photoshop's Layer Visibility'. this updates the displayed image correctly.


      This used to mean, whenever I make any changes to the linked file, the image keeps using the specific layer comp. However, this does not work anymore.


      After making a change to the original PSD, and doing a refresh in InDesign, these settings are switched to 'Last Document State' for layer comps and to 'Keep Layer Visibility Overrides'.

      And basically _all_ my files are displayed incorrectly. I have to go to every single one and adjust the object layer options again.


      Note: This happens even if I do not add/remove layers and/or layer comps in the PSD. Even a simple moving of the position of an element leads to this.


      Anybody has run into this? Any suggestions on a workaround?

      (for PSDs with just a few layers i could work with 'keep layer visibility overrides' and just set the visible layers by hand in InDesign. But for more complex PSDs this is extremely time consuming).