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    documentReady vs creationComplete, Autoplay and Preloaders

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      I was hoping to reignite this topic by adding another curiosity to the mix...

      Previous topic thread:



      How does Edge's preloader ability work with all this? I am having trouble getting a dependable and consistent preload on a ehhhe kinda large homepage intro...


      1. If I add a preloader to the animation do I uncheck "autoplay" on the stage (as an fyi, no user interaction is necessary to start the animation; it should begin after everything is loaded and ready to play a smooth animation)?
      2. Does adding a preloader also add a "documentReady" in the background? If not, do I add this in conjunction with a preloader?
      3. If adding a preloader, is it also wise to add a creationComplete for the stage AND turn-off autoplay?
      4. Does autoplay have anything to do with jerky playback and preloading??
      5. If I recall some old Flash knowledge, we had to take a few frames on the main timeline and dedicate them to a loop which watched for last frame or bytes before proceeding to another point in the timeline..(I'm showing my age here cause that was AS2). Not sure why I added this bullet if only to suggest I have a little knowledge about this stuff...
      6. Can someone point me to a comprehensive tutorial or documentation on how to properly handle larger than normal (but not necessarily huge) animations? The ones I have come across tell me what is already obvious



      Built with:

      Adobe Muse CC 2014
      Adobe Edge Animate CC 2014




      Need help with homepage animation

      Preloader currently set to "Polite" (so page should load first and then animation should start it's preload process if I understand things correctly)
      Autoplay is currently set to "Off"

      I have actions set on first frame of MainStage to "compositionReady sym.play();"

      I will not work on the home page today in hopes someone will give me a hand with this. 

      thanks in advance!



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