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    Detecting end of embeded video

      Hi - I'm new to working with flash so sorry if this is a real easy question. I've been trying to piece this together myself through the help files but I'm having no luck in getting it to work.

      I have a .flv file in one frame of my timeline. What I want to do is have the video play (while the timeline stops and waits) and then at the end of it go to the next frame.

      Thanks for any help or direction with this.

        • 1. Detecting end of embeded video
          FizzBang Level 1
          I found this script which displays a message in the output box when I preview:

          on (complete) {
          trace("My Message");

          I tried this, but nothing happens:
          on (complete) {

          This works, but it's not the function I need. Not sure why the "gotoandplay() won't work if this does:
          on (complete) {

          It looks like this (complete) tag triggers flash to take an action after the video completes, but still can't figure out how to get it to go to the next frame....