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    Yes another upgrade question...

    Chris Debol

      I am in a bit of conundrum as to which direction to go with a new computer upgrade.  For the past few years I have been using an older Mac Pro for video editing and audio production.  It was starting to act up a bit so I sold it while there was still some decent value left to it and have been using my MAcbook Pro for work.  I took a performance hit which I dealt with for awhile but I need to step things up again.  My main uses are editing HD footage sourced from various DLR cameras and Go Pro footage in Premiere, some After Effects works (which I am slowly learning to use more) and also doing audio production with various virtual instruments.  I am currently working with the Production Premium CS 5.5 Suite.  I have not made the move to Adobe's Subscription Service. 


      My current budget for a new computer is $3k.  My main concern is getting a computer which will handle my day to day use now and also with expandability for future upgrades. 


      I have received a quote from one company for a custom build which came in around $2700 and contained the following:


      Core i7 4790 Haswell 3.6GHz Quad 8 meg cache

      LGA1150: Z97 MB

      Noctua - NH-U9B SE2 Ultra Quiet CPU Cooler

      32 Gig (4x 8Gig) DDR3 LV 1600

      Corsair - 750W RM750

      Micron - 256 GB SSD M600

      SEAGATE - 2TB 7200rpm x 2

      GeForce GTX760

      Zalman - Z9 Mid-tower case

      Microsoft - Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

      Another option I was looking at is an older system but it is definitely expandable.  I would have to add my own graphics card though which would push the pricing to right around my budget.

      HP Z820 Workstation Eight Core Xeon E5-2680 2.7GHz / 64GB / 2x1TB

      My last option would be to build myself.  I would be able to spend a little more on higher end components but would have no support and would have to deal with all the building speed bumps which usually occur.  I have built a few computers in the past but it was years ago and I am not sure how easy things are nowadays.  If I were to go this route what would be the best source for finding the right components?

      Thanks in advance for any help.