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    events / componets / viewStacks

    oscar7878 Level 1

      I'm working on an application. I'm using Flex builder 2 and AMFPHP 1.9 (to talk to MySQL).
      I have a viewStack and each child is a component. Almost every componet has a datagrid, list or tree populated with the info from MySQL.

      I'm using "creationComplete" to make the first call ampphp -> MySQL the first time the componet (viewStack child) is open and that works perfect.

      My problem is that is need to fire an event when each component has been viewed (at leas once) and the user come back.
      I mean, if the componet already has been viewed when the user come back the information is not updated, the "creationcomplete" or "initialize" events are not fired.

      Any idea about wch event can i use to update my componets every time a ViewStack is selected?

      NOTE: for navigation i'm using tabs and I have a generic function that change the viewstacks from the tabs and other buttons, thats why I don't want to call an update funtion from the main application fired with the tabs/buttons events.

      Tks to all.