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    Email export not working properly in LR5


      I do hope this is a case of "cockpit error" and nothing more systemic...


      When using the "Email photo..." export in LR5, no jpeg file is attached to the email sent.  There is a low res image placed in the body of message, but I am unable to find any attached file in the resolution specified in the preset.


      I have both Outlook 2013 and Mozilla Thunderbird set up in LR, and both operate similarly.


      I cannot find anything in the export presets or in  LR preferences that would force this behavior. I have Googled this topic; nothing found.


      Any help would be appreciated!

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          asethi108 Level 1

          I wanted to create a thread about this too. There is a big problem in Lightrooms email sending. Photos are sent inline but not as attachments. They need to be sent as attachments so that the email clients can save them easily.


          This is actually important to some and responses by Adobe have not understood this.




          content-id: <AEDF354435956231.560091>

          content-description: L1120161.jpg

          content-transfer-encoding: BASE64

          content-disposition: inline; filename="L1120161.jpg"

          content-type: image/jpg; name="L1120161.jpg"



          As for your low res image. It is probably the setting you used, you might have it set to "email quality"



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            julianelliott Level 1

            I have used all the LR email presets plus created my own, wondering if there was a setting I was overlooking in Adobe's presets.  Nada.


            While I can save the photo in the email body, the file size (using the highest quality preset is approx. 900KB. Plus I must create a new name the file.


            I am surprised others have not noted this.  This seems fundamental to moving files by email.


            This feels like picture sharing over  social media.