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    text formatting in oam file disappears

    Alain Nicolas Level 1


      Here is the problem : I have an edge animate file with some text which supports letter-spacing and line-height. If i try this file directly from edge animate, no problem in the navigator (tested with Firefox). But when I export it as OAM file, import it in Muse, then publish.. all the settings (letter spacing and line-height) disappeared. (may be also with word-spacing and some other css settings, I haven't tried yet)

      I made a test with a very simple new Edge file and a new Muse file with only the oam file imported. The result is the same : no more settings for css like letter-spacing or line-height. You can try on your own.

      This happens since the last update of Edge and Muse. It worked well before.


      Hope this bug will be fixed very soon 'cause I was almost ready to publish my site.. but now it's unpublishable.



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          Bharadwaj Level 2

          This bug has been reported already. It happens only after publishing to any format(web, oam).

          Line-height and text shadow properties have the problem. Rest all work as usual.


          You can use the below code as workaround for time being in the composition ready event handler for each text element. Add for text shadow also if you are using that proerty too.



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            Alain Nicolas Level 1

            Thank's for your answer,

            Writing manually the code effectively works. I spent all day long to correct all my oam files.

            By the way, not only Line-height setting doesn't work anymore but letter-spacing too needs to be handwritten in the code.

            Sorry but I don't understand that a such unperfect update of Edge is on line.

            I'm meet some other problem that I didn't had with the previous version.. but this will be the subject of another thread.