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    Adobe Edge Animate Accessibility - Tab Index issues

    Frogshackle Level 1

      I'm just digging into Edge Animate CC and as an experiment I am trying to make a simple screen with various "clickable" elements for navigation/function/etc. The trick is that I am attempting to make an accessible page and that means that the elements on the page need to be navigable with the keyboard (Tab key) and be activated by using the Enter key. I've found that I cannot use the actions panel to associate a KEYDOWN trigger to a symbol that I want to act as a button but I can key the appropriate code into the .js file (which is a bit annoying - why is keydown a stage-level function but not a symbol-level trigger?) - is there an easier way to handle setting up a symbol so that clicking or TABBING to the element will allow a user to click or use the enter key to trigger the action?


      Also, I've noticed that when I associate Tab Index values to elements on the stage, if those elements are clicked on, they are surrounded by a blue highlight (the same highlight that occurs when elements are TABBED in sequence) - why is this happening and is there a means of disabling this for clicks?