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    Win Help 2000 Error

    Cobalt66 Level 1
      I have shipped a help file that is deployed via our corporate network. While the file works file at my personal workstation, the distributed version's index is failing when users try to display topics with the following pop-up error:

      Win Help 2000/An attempt was made to access an unnamed file past its end

      Display of topics using either TOC or Search works fine.

      Everything runs fine from my workstation (TOC, index and search) and I also placed the shipment on our network on another server and ran it successfully. It would seem that there is something missing on the destination server, but I ran the ship list and I had included everything listed... contents, help files, GID, dll, etc...

      I am wondering if there might be another DLL missing that the ship list is not picking up on.

      Any help in this regard would be great.


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          Roger N Level 2
          Cobalt66 -

          Welcome to the forum.

          Deal is, your users should not be sharing the .gid file.

          The .gid is a temp file, and should not be part of the ship list. You need to delete that file from the server, and set the network directory so that only you and your authoring team (and admin, of course) have write access. Users will have read access only, and will end up creating that temp file on their own workstations.

          Because you will have write access, you'll be creating the .gid file on the server, if you view the help file online. You will have to be sure, if you test the help file, to delete the .gid file again afterwards. Or better yet, test it on a staging, or test server. This is especially important if you are using Novell for your network; where you can't delete the file until all users have closed out on it.