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    Which Adobe app do I use to attain this effect...




      I'm new... VERY new to design and the Adobe app world.  Please forgive my ignorance here.


      I'm working in Muse on a simple website.  So far I love it, great user-friendly app. What I need to do is add an effect to an image that I'm putting on the site.  I'm having a hard time articulating the effect to try and Google it, so that's why I'm here.  The effect I want is this: imagine an image that's long and rectangular and has a white background with 4 colored objects on it.  I want the viewer to first see a blank white space for about 5 seconds, then have a sort of fading in, sweeping reveal go left-to-right across the image that gradually reveals the 4 objects.  Then when the sweep reaches the right-most side of the image it's immediately followed by a left-to-right sweep back to a white image.  Then a few seconds later it would repeat.


      I hope this makes sense and someone out there can see what I see in my mind.  What Adobe app should I use to achieve this?



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          Nola111 Level 1

          No one?  I didn't think it was THAT crazy of a question

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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Search for HTML transitions where there are two images you’re transitioning between. 


            Otherwise, Flash would be the old way to do this but isn’t supported on most handheld devices, now, and HTML5 might be the new way.  ou could also probably create a GIF animation or perhaps even a video. 


            Before asking which product would do this determine how you want to do it.


            Personally, I would be really annoyed if I was trying to read a webpage and it had a continuously cycling animation.


            This sort of question is also beyond the scope of the Adobe Creative Cloud forum which deals with install and licensing issues, not a general catch-all for questions involving more than one Adobe product.

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              Nola111 Level 1

              Ssprengel, thanks for the response.  I had hoped the very first sentence of my post would invoke a sense of a small amount of patience from the community, but I gather a slight annoyance from your post.  I apologize for my noobness.


              Understood on this not being the right forum, but I was unclear of what other forum I would post to when I don't know what product I'm asking about, hence the question.  For lack of any better subforum to post to, this is where I ended up.  My choices were this one, or a specific product's forum.


              What I'm trying to obtain is a very subtle effect, definitely not a continuously cycling animation. I am continuing to scour the internet trying to find an example.  Maybe "cascading light effect" is a better way to put it. 


              Thanks in any case for your response.  I will keep trying to find an example and post a link.  In the meantime, perhaps you can direct me to the proper subforum I should be posting in.